Texas City mother left for dead after her 3 children were murdered tells her side of the story

Only on FOX 26, a Texas City mother speaks out for the first time since she survived a vicious attack by her then-boyfriend. It was during that attack that he killed her three children last year. 

“I’m not used to not having my kids, cause I have them all the time, but it’s, I’m trying to push through.“ 25-year-old Kimaria Nelson, is lucky to be alive. The scars left on her face and body a constant reminder of what transpired that day on January 3rd 2019. When her then-boyfriend Junaid Mehmood, brutally murdered 5-year-old Angela, 2-year-old Prince, and 2-month-old Ashanti. He also shot Kimaria multiple times and beat her.

“I wish, I don’t know, I wish I could’ve stopped something from happening. Something from happening to my kids. I wish I could’ve saved them.“ she said.

“It’s hard. I try to stay strong for her, actually, she does better than me, you know. It’s just hard," her mother Kimberly Hosea says.

Nelson has had to undergo serious medical procedures and has surgery scheduled to place a metal plate in her head. The brain damage she suffered makes it hard for her to have memories of her children.

“Since the injuries, I don’t cry as much as I used to cry. We did an ornament hanging for domestic violence, we did that. That was the most I’ve cried," says Nelson.

The family is now preparing for a vigil on Friday to celebrate the children’s lives. Trying to move forward is very difficult knowing that Mehmood sits in prison awaiting trial.

“I’m not saying I forgive him, no, because he killed my kids. I love my kids, I did anything for my kids, I love my kids," she says.

“I want him to suffer, and know what he did it’s not right. It’s not right, he took all three, all three of my grandkids," says her mother. 

Mehmood is due back in court on January 8 for a status hearing. Tomorrow night’s vigil is open to the public. It will take place at 5 p.m. at Texas City Memorial Park. 

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