Teenager seen on surveillance video stealing 2 French Bulldogs from northwest Harris Co. family

"When I watched the camera, that's when my heart broke," said Latasha Glenn.

Glenn watched in horror as a young man puts Drako and Money, two French Bulldogs valued at $4,000 a piece in his car and drives off.

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The owner believes the thief broke a piece of wooden gate that surrounds her backyard.

"They were all three in the backyard," Glenn said. "He didn't want the pug. He knew what he was after, and he took what he was after."

The dog napper has left 8-year-old Shaelund Shelton so upset she hasn't gone to school for three days.

"They were her best friends, they were everything to her," her mother said. "They were everything to us, but she was out there playing with them every day."

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Glenn says the dogs were taken on Monday.

On Thursday, she says she spotted the teen in her northwest Harris County neighborhood.

"They know what kind of vehicle we drive, he knew it was me," Glenn said. "His first instinct was to take off running, you see a car, and just take off running when you see me. He knew exactly who I was, and he knew exactly what was in my backyard."


Glenn is particularly worried about Money, who is expecting puppies.

"Money is going to need a C-section, which is going to cost $2,000 for her to have puppies," she said.

Glenn has filed a theft report with the Harris County Sheriff's Office.


She says she won't pursue felony theft charges if the young dog napper does the right thing.

"Just bring them back. I won't call the police, I just want them returned. We love them," Glenn said.

If you know the young man's identity or where the dogs are, please call 346-530-1206