Survivor of sexual assault sees her own story reflected in Blasey Ford's testimony

A survivor of sexual assault is sharing what she felt as she listened to the intense testimonies of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Kirsten Covington is from the Houston area and is a junior at Texas A & M University. She says before the testimony, she did question Blasey Ford’s motivation to speak out.

"Watching her testify completely changed my opinion," said Covington. "I believe her. I don’t think you can fabricate the story that she presented.”

She said, at times, she felt her own experience reflected in Blasey Ford’s story.

“I could see myself in her experience, the relief she described after she can out of the house and feeling like she had escaped something," explained Covington. "I felt that." She is a member of 12th Woman, an organization founded by current and former Texas A&M students in response to the university’s mishandling of their sexual assault cases on campus.

The organization has been instrumental in pressuring the university to implement or revise guidelines to deal with these types of cases including limiting the number of times victims have to share their stories.

Covington remembers how she had to tell her story repeatedly when she reported her attack.

"I could see myself in her when she was trying to like, remain calm under that severe questioning," added Covington. "Having to retell that story in front of everyone."

Covington also said she understands why some victims stay quiet for so long, if they ever decide to speak at all. For her, it is too upsetting to share what happened to her even after coming forward. She also believes the criticisms about Blasey Ford’s gaps in her memory are unfair.

"I think she remembers enough and I think the events of that night are going to be burned in her brain forever because our brain remembers fear the best,” Covington told FOX 26 News.

As for Judge Kavanuagh’s testimony, Covington said his demeanor was surprising.

"If he can be that aggressive when he knows he probably shouldn’t be, imagine how aggressive he can be behind closed doors," said Covington. "I think that speaks a lot about the possibility of him having assaulted her."

But Covington said what is not surprising is the backlash Blasey Ford is getting.

"I have never seen anyone come forward and then not be doubted," concluded Covington.

The National Sexual Assault Hotline is 800-656-4673.