student attempts suicide at Pearland ISD's Dawson High School

A number of parents took their kids out of school in Pearland ISD after a student attempted suicide in school. Just before lunchtime at the exit of Dawson High School there was of a procession of parents taking their kids home after a student tried to take his own life at school this morning.

"Somebody actually did that while I was there. So to think about it, touched me," explained one 11th grader whose parents were taking him home for the day.

Several Dawson High School students leaving early say after learning one of their schoolmates tried to kill himself there in the building, they just couldn't focus.

"I couldn't, at all.  It was that sad," says student Christopher Booker.  For many kids it was just too disturbing to stay in school.  "Yes it is. I don't really know how to describe what I'm feeling," explained sophomore Cameron Rizzo.

"My son actually texted me and asked me to please come and get him.  He was feeling sad," explained one mother.

"I took both of my kids out.  They should have closed school.  It's just a bad environment right now," says Allison Rizzo.

According to Pearland ISD, a teacher found the student, who was attempting suicide, and he was hanging inside Dawson High at the start of the school day.  Students who know him say they can't believe it.

"He's a really nice dude," says 10th grader Cameron Rizzo. 

Pearland police say the boy was quickly taken down, given CPR and his pulse, which couldn't be found initially, returned. 

Parents picking up their kids are now preparing for a talk, they didn't know they would have today. Some still aren't sure exactly what to say.

"I'm really in shock.  I have to think about it because you have to make sure whatever you say, they will know how to deal with that," says one mom who was taking her son home.   

"I'm going to tell my kids to just to talk to somebody, reach out.  Nothing is ever that bad," says Allison Rizzo.

The student who attempted suicide was flown by LifeFlight to the hospital where he is getting treatment.