Street art to celebrate 20th year of International Space Station

Space Center Houston is hosting a two-day “Spaced Out” street art event in celebration of 20 years of continuous habitation of the International Space Station.

A group of student and professional artists is spending Friday and Saturday creating 3D paintings that depict various NASA projects underneath the iconic shuttle replica on the sidewalks outside of Space Center Houston.

“We’ve had humans in space continuously now for over 20 years,” said Paul Spana with Space Center Houston.

The Spaced Out Street Art Event is open to the public—a partnership between Space Center Houston a Spring Woods High School.

“Our science department worked with their science department to help pick out those topics for today’s artwork,” said Spana.

The artists are creating 3D visual representations of the International Space Station; the James Webb Telescope, and NASA’s Artemis program.

“Artemis will be the new base on the moon,” said Spana.

“These kids: they’re the next generation that’s gonna experience all the changes in the space program,” said Rebekah Tee, a Spring Wood High School art teacher creating one of the 3D paintings.

“The best thing is sometimes when you work together with kids or with your teachers or other people, it’s like you get such a connection,” said Yexith Flores, a Spring Woods student creating one of the paintings.

The Spaced Out street art exhibits are scheduled to be finished Saturday and will be on display for the public to see for the next week.