Some lawmakers talk about changing gun laws after mass shootings, but make it easier for Texans to have guns

"We personalize these matters," said State Senator John Whitmire. "I have a 6 and 8-year-old grandson, so you hear about tragedies that involve babies, and it shocks your conscience, then you become angry determined to address the problem."

It's a problem we all want fixed, but there's no easy answers.

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While the investigation is ongoing, the latest mass school shooting is once again bringing gun control laws to the forefront.

"Right now you only have to be 18 to buy rifles in the state of Texas. I think we should visit that, we should certainly do background checks and the number of rounds that he bought," Whitmire said.


Some lawmakers talk big about change on the heels of mass shootings, but then do little to nothing to make gun laws more restrictive. In fact, Texas legislators have loosened gun laws.

Just last year, permitless carry was passed into law.

"No background checks, no training. If anything, we've pushed the opportunity, we've increased the opportunity for folks to arm themselves."

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Whitmire believes gun control laws should be bi-partisan as this is an election year.

If you don't know who your State Senator or State Representative, find out and review their voting records. Then go vote.

"The real fear is in a month from now, it's off the front page. People just kind of go back to their corners and there won't be a serious discussion," Whitmire said.