Canada wildfires: Smoke from the wildfires disrupting travel in Houston

Smoke from the wildfires in Canada is blanketing New York and much of the Northeast region of the United States, which is also wreaking havoc for some here in Houston, as it disrupts travel.

Low visibility in areas like New York, New Jersey, and Philly caused flights to be delayed or canceled and created a domino effect with departures and arrivals across the country including in Houston.

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Smoke from the wildfires in Canada may not have made its way to Houston, but it’s certainly on the minds of travelers here who arrived at the airport with one question, ’is the smoke in the Northeast affecting my flight?’

"I do not know yet. I’m assuming it’s not. I’m hoping it’s not," smiles airline passenger Ralph Wren.  

Another young lady immediately checks her phone for flight delays. "As of right now, it says it’s not. It says my flight is on time right now."

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"We’re crossing our fingers, yes ma’am. No connecting flights so that’s a good thing. Hopefully, we’ll make it there on time," Wren adds.  

Some who are headed to New York say they are concerned. "I am a little bit. My family lives there. I guess it’s so bad they don’t even really want to go outside," explains airline passenger Alexandra Bennett. 


There have been at least a couple of flights canceled and 38 delayed at Hobby, with 3 cancelations and 132 delays at IAH, not all due to the smoke but because that haze has hammered travel on this Thursday passengers are arriving early and keeping a close eye on the flight board, which even if it shows on-time out of Houston, some have connecting flights that may be delayed or canceled.

"I haven’t thought about it, but now you’re making me think about it," Bennet laughs. 

The Federal Aviation Administration lifted the ground stop earlier in the day for flights headed to New York.