Single parents get Rockets tickets for graduation gift

Graduation day represents hours of hard work and dedication and for Torie Furlow it meant doing it while working and raising her two children.

“I had to go to night school and I have to work during the day and I take care of two kids by myself”, says Furlow.

Her family was thrilled to see her graduate with a degree in applied science with biomedical and electronic specialization. Probably just as excited she was to hear the news that Buckner Family Pathways, a part of Buckner International, will be giving her and her two children tickets the Western Conference Finals. “I feel like we are going to win against Golden State I know it’s very wishful thinking and is optimistic but we can do it”, says Furlow.

The organization helps single parents with their education and rent, for the last few years the nonprofit has been helping her and her family. Furlow says, “it has been a tremendous blessing because I am I am able to afford the rent when Buckner is helping because trying to do it on my own and work I would probably have to quit school and work full time”.

Buckner has also help families like a Alencia Washington’s who also graduated Saturday with a degree in social arts with health and medical science. “I didn’t plan on having a child but I did and you know I was working full time taking online classes and I decided to join Buckner and when I did two years ago it absolutely changed my life”, says Washington.

Washington was one of several people selected to go to the big game Wednesday and for that she says she is extremely grateful. “I was like oh my god that’s amazing like that’s just a blessing and a good graduation gift”, says Washington.