Single mom says Houston-area nail salon charged her almost $700 for painting her toenails

"I made this bow," said Madeline Warner. "I'm trying to make bows, so I can stay at home with her."

For Warner, every dollar counts.

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She sells the baby bows she makes on Facebook and Instagram to supplement her income.

She says she couldn't believe it when she was charged $50 for a color change at Epic Nails Spa at 2110 El Dorado Blvd in Friendswood.

"I was not happy, and she said it was $50, because I got my toenails cut," Warner said.

Warner says she didn't tip, but she was charged $5 for one.

"We called up there, and I also tried to dispute it, and then she made the tip $12 more. Then I woke up the next morning, and she charged my card $573," said Warner. 


Keep in mind, the only service Warner says she received was having her toenails cut and painted.

"I called her, she answered, and I said you wrongfully charged my card $573. Click, just hung up on me," Warner said. "I called back three more times, I left a voice mail, and I said if you don't call me back or give me my money back, I'm going to the police. They didn't call me back. I also emailed them and told them I just had a baby, you just took this money from me. You basically drained my account. No response."

We went to Epic Nails at 2110 El Dorado Blvd.

The employee there told me the owner was out and took my card.

"I am not happy, and I can't believe they can do that to someone," Warner said.