Sheldon ISD faces third social media threat

Sheldon ISD continues to be the target of ongoing threats that have now reached into the Friday school day.

This is the second threat against C.E. King High School.

Local law enforcement believe the series of threats have been coming from the same individual who continues to post information on social media.

They are working hard to obtain the name of the owner of the online account.

Compliance checks will be conducted at both KHS and KMS on Friday.

A threat on social media against C.E. King High School prompted the shelter-in-place Thursday morning.

On Tuesday, district administrators were notified that a student had posted a message on social media that could be perceived as a threat against C. E. King Middle School.

Sheldon ISD's policy is that it takes all threats seriously. Therefore, additional compliance checks will be conducted tomorrow at both C. E. King High School as well as C. E. King Middle School.