Severe weather floods streets and knocks down trees in Kingwood

Wild weather is wreaking havoc north of Houston, where it was difficult getting around Tuesday afternoon. 

Heavy rain hit Kingwood, doing damage and causing serious street flooding. So simply driving in Kingwood in the Tuesday torrential rain proved impossible for some. We saw a number of cars stalled in high water.

“Where did you leave your car?"  I asked a woman who was walking in heavy rain with an umbrella and carrying a three year old little boy. 

"I parked it at the other school down the road and I’m just going to pick up my daughter. (How far is the walk?)  About 20 minutes. There’s no other way to get to her. Woodland Hills Road is closed off.  Everything is blocked off right now,” says Brenda Salinas. 

If it wasn’t high water covering roadways, then it was downed trees. We saw one tall timber on Kings Forest that just couldn’t stand up to the high winds. It was lightning that struck a home in Humble. 

"It was like a grenade, a grenade. (It was that loud?) It was very loud,” explains Robert O'Bryant who happened to be outside when his neighbor’s house was hit. He says the bolt of lightning came a little too close for comfort. 

“It was like right there. Like right in front of me," he said. 

Humble ISD cancelled all after school activities. The Houston Fire and Police Departments conducted several high water rescues.