Sen. John Cornyn hopes immigrant deaths will inspire bipartisan border compromise

51. The latest number of dead or dying pulled from an abandoned trailer, turned life-extinguishing oven, by the brutal June Texas heat.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn calls it the latest horrific consequence of a border in chaos and a Congress still unwilling to embrace common sense compromise.

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"This sort of tragedy, as you know, is going to be repeated over and over and over again as long as the border is out of control," said Cornyn.

Just days after brokering historic consensus on school and gun safety in the painful aftermath of Uvalde, Cornyn hopes the extraordinary loss of life in San Antonio will trigger action on his "Bipartisan Border Solutions Act" co-sponsored by Arizona Democrat Krysten Sinema.

The measure proposes at least four new migrant processing centers and substantially boosts resources for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, while also speeding up evaluation of asylum claims.

Cornyn is challenging fellow lawmakers to abandon stalemates saying lives are clearly in the balance.

"It's going to take some people fading a little bit of heat in their own political party to come up with the kind of answers that I think would go a long way to helping," said Cornyn.

The "Bipartisan Border Solutions Act" is sponsored in the House by Congressmen Henry Cuellar and Tony Gonzalez, both Democrats representing districts on the Texas border with Mexico.