Second cell phone found in possible connection to Maleah Davis case

Volunteers looking for Maleah Davis found a second cell phone on Patterson Road in west Houston on Friday, in a wooded area next to Bear Creek Pioneers Park.

Houston police have indicated that a cell phone found in these woods on Friday morning is not connected to the Maleah Davis case. Hours later on the same roadside, a second cell phone has been found in the ditch. 

The founder of Houston’s Unsolved Homicides, John Marsden, stumbled across a second cell phone on Patterson Road while out with a group searching for 4-year-old Maleah Davis.

“It’s something, ‘cause I don’t think the police have Darion’s phone anyways," said Marsden.

They asked FOX 26's Ivory Hecker to call the evidence in to police.

Dispatcher: “Is it still on the side of the road, or?”

Ivory: “Yeah we left it how we found it. It’s still on the side of the road.”

Marsden has been looking for Maleah every day since May 6.

He’s not confident the phone he found is connected to Maleah or her mother’s ex fiancé Darion Vence.

"He has an iPhone they’re looking for, so if we could find an iPhone, that’d be a plus," said Marsden.

Vence remains in jail, charged with tampering with a corpse in connection to Maleah’s disappearance.

The cousin of Maleah’s biological father, Tamisha Mendoza, is searching alongside Marsden.

"I’m speaking on my behalf. I will not speak on Craig’s behalf—on nobody else’s behalf. I’m speaking on my behalf, and Maleah is very loved," said Mendoza. "That’s all I can tell you is that she’s a very loved little girl. Everybody—even outside the family; everybody that’s searching—everybody has fallen in love with Maleah."

Earlier today, the group searched an undisclosed location in southwest Houston.

They’re no longer telling the public where their daily searches are after friends of Darion Vence showed up in the search parties.

"We don’t know who’s out here on the family side. Could be anyone sending moles out here to look, and that why we’re keeping our location very secret. We do no more Facebook live recordings," Marsden said.

For this Saturday, however, he is organizing a large public search for Maleah.

He’s asking 150 people to meet at the coroner of Bissonnet and Kirkwood near Maleah’s home at 10:00 a.m., but only those interested in a serious search should show up.

"We’re gonna tackle an area tomorrow. We want no children. Y’all come in no high heels—no makeup. I’m being real. People come with high heels and makeup on just to take a picture and say they’re searching. Stop doing that. We’re not a babysitter. We’re not going to babysit your child for you. We want adults 18 years and older to come out if you’re gonna search. Bring your boots, bring a stick, bring your machete, bring your drones," says Marsden.

The Crime Stoppers reward for information in this case is now up to $20,000.

Call 713-222-TIPS if you have any information that could lead to an arrest or additional charges in the case.