School bus crash in southwest Houston

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Four adults and about 50 kids were involved in a harrowing bus crash on Monday. The bus was from the Agurcia Delmy bus service, transporting kids from the Energized for Excellence Academy.

Two other cars were involved, and police are now looking closely at the possibility of a DWI.

One of the cars was so damaged that officials are saying it's amazing the driver walked away with just minor injuries.

The accident happened around 4:30 p.m. today on Bissonnet and Rampart in southwest Houston, and several of the witnesses said one of the drivers kept his foot on the gas pedal even after he had crashed his car.

School had just let out, and about 50 kids from the Energized for Excellence Academy had filed into a school bus ready to go home. But then, a screeching crash.

“I heard a loud bang. It felt like an explosion,” said Elizabeth Cisneros, who was working nearby when the accident happened.

Witnesses say a silver car slammed into a maroon car and didn't stop. The driver apparently kept his foot on the gas and pushed the maroon car onto the path of the bus.

 “The FJ still kept putting on the gas. He didn't stop, and I started yelling at the guy through the window, I was like, ‘Stop, please stop.’ I don't know what was wrong with him, He was looking up, and he couldn't stop himself,” said Lizabeth Carpentier, a witness and another bus driver who was on the road next to the bust that was hit.  

A mother and her two daughters were in the maroon car.

Witnesses did all they could to rescue them. One still had the mother's blood on her hours after the crash.

“She was bleeding from her head real bad, and the operator, when I called 911, told me to put pressure on her head because she was bleeding a lot, and the kids were screaming and crying. The kids couldn't stop crying,” said Cisneros.

Police said they are looking into the possibility of a DWI.

FOX 26 News had video of a beer can in the silver car.

For one bus driver, the accident was a matter of feet and inches. Her bus was right next to the one that was hit -- had the maroon car not swerved at the last second, she could have been the one in the hospital.

“Yeah, it could have been me,” said Carpentier. “I was lucky.”

She helped all the kids off the bus as well as the mother and daughters to safety.

“In the middle, between the FJ, and the bus there was that car just smushed into the front end of the bus, and I went around and after I got all the kids, I went around and there was this lady with a little girl just, you know, I didn't know if she was dead,” said Carpentier.

A total of 6 kids and 3 adults were taken to the hospital, but everyone survived.

There were two people in the silver car, and witnesses reported that the driver was acting strangely. Again, police are looking into the possibility of a DWI.

So far, investigators have not put out any official information on what happened.