Santa Fe high student breaks his silence to talk about fellow student who saved his life

18-year-old Santa Fe High School senior Trey Lemley says some of the accounts of last year’s mass shooting given by some of his fellow students aren’t first hand or even accurate.

“I think it’s bad for kids to use something tragic like that just to get attention,” Lemley said. “I didn’t want the attention I stayed away from the media as much as possible.”

One of the reasons Lemley says he is breaking his silence now is another student he didn’t know at the time but saved his life, 15-year-old Christian Riley Garcia.

“When I first entered into the art room, I had closed the door and held the door handle and leaned all my body weight against it to keep it shut and Christian Riley Garcia raised his hand and offered to come over to the door I was at and take my place at the door,” Lemley said. “Just a few seconds later I saw him go down that’s a very vivid memory of that day that could have been me.”

Lemley says he doesn’t know what prompted Christian Riley Garcia’s heroism.

But his mother does.

Just days before his death he told his mother he wanted to serve in the Army, and if he had to die fighting for what he believed in then so be it.

“We all have a God-given purpose,” said Riley’s mom Shannon Claussen. “My son knew what his was and he achieved it he lived it to the full purpose and potential the good Lord had for him.”