Remembering Houston's 'Tax Day' flood

It was a day Laquintas Gray says he will never forget.

He recalls getting a call from his neighbor while he was asleep, "she was calling constantly, calling and calling, I finally answered, I finally woke up and she was telling me, 'get out, move the car around, try to get up it up higher so it won't flood,' but the water kept going up higher."

When he looked outside at his apartment complex Arbor Court, he couldn't believe his eyes. Water had flooded over a neighboring bayou and filled the grounds around his building.

"Men were actually pushing refrigerators, with their wives or their kids, they were using them as boats," says Lafonda Mosley.

Another resident recalls what he saw.

"I was sleeping at the time and I had my little brother there as well and I woke up and there was just water everywhere and it damaged everything, I didn't know what to do," says Teofilo Castro.

Castro, a fashion student, said his apartment was full of beautiful clothing and furniture.

"All I have is a blow up bed in here and before I had a full bedroom set," says Castro.

It took about two months for most of the residents to be moved back into their units. Gray says he's glad to be back, but that even for his family they are having a hard time adjusting to the new normal.

"It's like, hey we moved y'all back in y'all fine, but just a little more help would have been great," says Gray.