Relatives of a 32-year-old man say he was murdered by his fiancé

"I said 'oh my God she just shot my nephew,'" said Victoria Neihart.

Neihart says after she heard gunshots coming from her father's home in the 1100 block of County Road 192 she went to investigate.

"I called his name. He didn't answer so I tried to open the door. It was locked," said Neihart. "I looked in and saw him lying on his back lifeless."

Neihart says the man lying dead on the floor was her 32-year-old nephew.

She says she called 911 after seeing her nephews fiancé running down the street.

"She went running down the road with her two children. She threw the gun on the side of the road," Neihart said.

Brazoria County Sheriff's deputies found the gun and arrested the fiancé. Neihart believes the couple was arguing about her nephews biological children.

"He wanted to see his biological children and she didn't really approve of that," She said.

Criminal charges are pending against the fiancé.