Radio station lifting spirits through prayer with ‘Day of Hope’

A Houston radio station is helping bring hope and encouragement to millions of people as COVID19 continues to spread.

The folks at KSBJ and NGEN radio reached out to other stations urging them to come together and bring hope to people who may be feeling hopeless in these uncertain times.

First, 20 radio stations agreed, then 60. Now more than 700 radio stations in all 50 states and two different countries have united for this massive prayer event.

“This is 91.7 NGEN. It’s Marcus in the Morning. It is our Day of Hope,” smiles NGEN Radio’s Marcus Sullivan host of Marcus In The Morning into the microphone as he broadcasts to his listeners.

The colossal coming together commenced at 6 a.m. Thursday and will continue for 24 hours.

"We’re praying for our city, our nation and our world. I normally would stop what I’m doing and I would do the praying but I’m opening the phone lines to you,” Marcus continues.KSBJ Christian radio and NGEN Christian hip hop are hosting A Day of Hope, A Day of Prayer inviting callers to phone in and pray.

"We want to lift up those who are working, healthcare workers, those in grocery stores” one caller said.

"I want to make sure we’re taking extra good care of you, friend on this Day of Hope,” KSBJ’s Jen Driskill told her Midday Show listeners.

On this Day of Hope, the DJs are praying with callers concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak.

"For all the moms, like Phyllis who don’t get to be with their children would you just be their peace, God, in Jesus' name,” Jen prayed.

The idea started with KSBJ and NGEN in Houston and hundreds of stations across the country and Canada are also taking part.

"You really see people’s hearts shine at a time like this. One woman, although she’s also out of work she was more concerned about and asked for prayer for her bosses,” says Jen.

"I believe in much prayer, much power. Little prayer, little power. No prayer, no power. So it’s powerful to have so many people coming together in prayer,” adds Marcus.

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Even as a pandemic has the world staying six feet away from one another.

"I've got the wipes, the Lysol, a new mic cover, new headphones,” Marcus smiles showing off the sanitized items but the DJ's say they are connecting everyone safely right now, connecting hearts, not hands. Several singers also called in to pray.

“That’s Zach Williams with a song for you Rescue Story here on 89.3 KSBJ and then how about a prayer for you too on this Day of Hope,” Jen said into the mic.

The voice of Zach Williams could then be heard.

"God I pray that anybody who’s been effected by COVID19 any of the healthcare professionals, government leaders, homeless communities that we all look to you and trust you."

Yes it’s real. Yes take all precautions but at the end of the day God is still in control,” adds Marcus.

On this Day of Hope, the DJs are also praying specifically for anyone feeling fear, anxiety, or isolation.

Even after the Day of Prayer ends at 6 a.m. Friday, KSBJ and NGEN always have someone standing by to pray with you at 281-652-5555 or 855-588-6436. Find them at or

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