Puppies relieve stress for holiday airport travelers

Some travelers at Harrisburg International Airport, in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, are kicking off their holiday travel with some extra dog fur on their clothes -- and they're loving it!

18-week-old puppies with the Susquehanna Service Dogs are stationed throughout the airport to provide some stress relief to people traveling this holiday week -- through some furry hugs.

Officials say the affection doesn't just benefit human travelers. The socialization prepares the puppies to become Susquehanna Service

“We are here to bring holiday cheer and relieve some Thanksgiving Day traveling stress and also socialize the puppies so that they can get some interaction with people and also get used to big public places," says Danielle Ruddy with Keystone Human Services.

After 18-months, the puppies will attend advanced training to learn how to help people living with disabilities.

WPMT contributed to this report.