Houston pro-choice advocates spend Fourth of July protesting Roe v. Wade decision

Abortion rights advocates spent this Fourth of July protesting across the nation. In Houston, protesters marched from Discovery Green to City Hall Monday. 

The protests come a week after the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion rights case. 

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Passionate chants echoed loudly through the grounds of Houston City Hall, as hundreds of abortion rights protesters marched from Discovery Green. The group held signs and spent this July 4 holiday demanding for freedom of choice. 

"July 4 is supposed to be about independence and freedom of the United States. This is how I want to be spending it. This isn’t freedom. This case is ruining so many things and this is not America’s freedom," said attendee Baylee Bess.

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"Here in the heat, with my sisters, on a holiday weekend. All of us. It’s scary. It’s taking us backwards. We fought for our rights and that’s what we’re going to do again; can’t hush us women up," said attendee Sara Perez.

"I don’t think we should be celebrating today at all cause if they’re taking away our rights. If they’re not going to give our rights, then why should we be celebrating something that we don’t have," said organizer Gabrielly Ferreira. 

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The protest was one of roughly 50 happening in cities across the U.S. Monday.