Many pleased with prompt response by law enforcement to hoax active shooter call at Heights High School

Post the Uvalde school shooting, many in the Houston area were happy with the quick response by law enforcement when the initial call of a possible active shooter came in at Heights High School.

Now known to be a hoax, but it sent law enforcement into full swing. 

BACKGROUND: Active shooter call at Heights High School in Houston, all clear given

The Houston Police Department is now leading in the investigation, tracking down the person or persons responsible for the hoax call. 

On Tuesday afternoon, at 1:01 p.m., Harris County Constable Precinct 1 received the 911 call. By 1:05 p.m., first responders were dispatched, and by 1:10 p.m., they arrived at Heights High School 

"It was a proud moment for law enforcement, but my heart goes out to the families," says Harris County Constable 1 Alan Rosen. "There was zero hesitation going in, and starting to clear and secure the building. The most important thing for us is the children:"


After the Uvalde shooting, several investigations were conducted, which brought to light the slow response by law enforcement there. 

"When these types of things happen, and there is a potential for an active shooter, law enforcement is going to descend," says Rosen. 

"The law enforcement entities that were there, showed how everybody is focused on something like this, you had there Constable Precinct 1 officers, DPS, HPD, the Harris County Sheriff's Office,  FBI and U.S. Marshals."


It took 14 minutes after officers arrived before they breached the door. 

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner also applauded the response and presence of law enforcement. 

"I do want to thank first responders, HPD, how they responded very promptly and were not hesitant to go in," said Mayor Turner.