Police looking at 27-year-old homeless man in fourth murder

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During his appearance in probable cause court more details came out about Jamie Walter and the horrifying things that possibly happened in an abandoned graffiti stained warehouse.

“The defendant stated his wife and witness had killed two people and he knew where the bodies were buried,” said the prosecutor.

The question police are trying to answer now, just how many bodies?

“The defendant told officers that he and his wife hit the complainants in the head with a hammer killing them both,” the prosecutor said.

Walter put the bodies the prosecutor says in 55 gallon drums and burned them. He’s now charged with capital murder in at least three slayings.

“He’s not right.” Said Lisa Hosford. “He’s not right no way shape or form.”

Hosford only knows Walter through Rachel Johnson who police describe as his wife. Currently she’s not charged with anything. So what did he do to Rachel?

“He had tied her up, held her hostage,” Hosford said.

Why did she stay with him?

“She’s use to being in those abusive relationships,” Hosford said. “And when you get in that cycle over and over again you just stay there.”

Because she and her roommate Chuck were helping Rachel Hosford says Walter left threatening voicemails.

“Telling us how he was going to come get us,” Hosford said. “He was going to kill me and Chuck so he could take Chuck’s truck to Tennessee.

Currently Walter is going nowhere. He’s in jail with no bond set.

“I think he’s on meth,” Hosford said. “Meth and drinking they two don’t combine they don’t mix.”