Police look for Burger King customer who sprayed mace on pregnant manager

Jalessa Finley says she understands customers can grow impatient. She says a free drink or dessert usually calms them down. But this customer seen on surveillance video in black goes over the top about chicken.

"She wanted her chicken to be ready and it takes eight minutes for her chicken to be ready," Finley said. "So she felt she was standing there waiting for her food too long."

You can tell by her body language the woman wasn't happy, even after she was given a full refund.

Before storming out, she makes a wisecrack to Finley about finding her baby daddy.

"I know who my baby daddy is, so it really doesn't make me mad," said Finley, who is eight months pregnant.

Finley goes back to work and forgets all about it. Several minutes pass and the unhappy customer returns to the Burger King on Shepherd at Tidwell.

"Ain't nothing about to happen," Finley said. "But yea, something did happen."

She motions for Finley to come closer, but Finley says she knew better. Then the customer sprays mace all over Finley.

"It burned really bad. That's the worst pain I've ever been through in my life. It felt like my skin was on fire," Finley said.

The fire department and police were called.

A 16-year old employee and an older woman working behind the counter were also sprayed with mace.

If you know the woman's identity contact Houston Police.