Police: Fake doctor charged with selling 'cure for cancer' to patients

Prince William County police said a man has been arrested after he claimed he was a doctor and was selling a “cure for cancer” to his patients.

Peter Bodunrin Adeniji has been charged with five counts of obtaining money by false pretenses, seven counts of operating a medical practice with a license, four counts of dispensing drugs without a license and one count of money laundering.

Authorities said they started investigating Adeniji after receiving a tip back in May. In June, they sent in an undercover officer inside the Integrated Health and Wellness Medical Practice in Manassas.

“That undercover detective purchased this alleged miracle drug, and also through conversations with the accused, he kind of brushed off traditional cancer treatments and things like that and was pushing his very expensive miracle drug – it was supposed to be a cure,” said Prince William County Police spokesperson Jonathan Perok.

Police said the 67-year-old man was not a licensed doctor and sold his medication for $1,200 a bottle. Perok said police don’t know what was inside the bottles, but “we know it wasn’t what he claimed it to be.” They have been sent the alleged medicine to an FBI lab for testing.

When detectives searched Adeniji’s office and home, they found ingredients to produce more drugs and $17,000. Adeniji's neighbor Kevin Lafin saw the police raid happen.

“A bunch of undercover cops pull up with full hoods on,” said neighbor Kevin Lafin. “We didn't know what was going on until we saw it online today.”

Police believe this case could be linked to another similar case in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Police believe Adeniji may have had patients across the United States and internationally and are asking other potential victims to contact them at 703-686-6522.

“We definitely want people to reach out to us and let us know if something like this sounds familiar, if he looks familiar,” said Perok.

This is not the first time Adeniji has been in trouble for this kind of offense. Eight years ago, he served more than three months in jail for falsely claiming to be a doctor and treating a woman with breast cancer.