Police: drunk driver hits 5 cars in wrong-way crash

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State troopers say a wrong-way drunk driver ran into five other cars on the Dallas North Tollway Sunday night.

Brianna Rosales, 20, was in a silver car when first hit two vehicles at Royal Lane around 9:30 p.m., according to state troopers.

Keith McDonald and his wife say they saw their lives flash before their eyes when they narrowly avoided Rosales while northbound just past northwest highway.

“When you see those headlights coming at you, you don’t know how fast they’re going. I veered as quickly as I could,” said McDonald. “We missed hitting that car by just a few feet."

The McDonalds were returning home from a Mother's Day trip to Austin. After swerving to miss Rosales, they saw the first crash.

Investigators say Rosales left that scene and continued to drive the wrong way until she collided with two more vehicles at Walnut Hill. After that crash she kept on driving to Park Lane where she hit yet two more vehicles.   No one in any of the vehicles was seriously hurt.

Keith McDonald says he and his wife are still shaken up after the near miss. He gives credit to motorists traveling the opposite direction who saw the wrong way driver and worked especially hard to warn those in her path.

"The way they were reacting, blinking their lights, blowing the horns and it was a lot of cars doing it,” said McDonald.

Troopers arrested Rosales on suspicion of drunken driving and failing to stop and render aid.

The troopers arrested a second driver involved in the accident who was also allegedly driving while intoxicated.