Police: 1 dead, 2 injured in crash with teen driver who took mother's SUV

A car crash left a man dead and two others in the hospital after Houston police were trying to locate a 16-year-old girl who fled police in her mother’s SUV.

The crash occurred near El Dorado Blvd and Highway 3. 

This all began when Houston police received a call about a 16-year-old girl taking her mother’s SUV. When police were able to locate the vehicle somewhere near Beltway 8, the 16-year-old took off at a high rate of speed.

Officers started to pursue the SUV heading south, then lost sight of it. Once police learned that she has mental issues, they stopped pursuing her. When she was spotted again, a helicopter helped to assist police, and they also used GPS to track her whereabouts.

She ended up traveling north while speeding on Galveston Road, even switching her lights off at times. She then struck the rear of a sedan that then crashed into a tree.

A man and woman were inside the car. The man died died at the scene, the woman was transported to the hospital in serious condition.

The SUV ended up crossing the railroad tracks and into a nearby field. The 16-year-old girl was also transported in serious condition.

Houston police spoke about their decision to not pursue the teenager.

“We did not want to push her into a situation like this. So we stayed back. Our helicopter was up top, our officers did exactly what policy is. We stayed back. We were trying our best for her to just stop and slow down. But obviously she didn’t do that,” HPD Lt. R. Wilkens.

The Houston Police Department Vehicular Crimes Division is conducting an investigation with their reconstruction team, as well as the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.