Plane makes emergency landing on road

A flight crew late Wednesday afternoon took apart a small plane, so it could be relocated after the pilot had to make an emergency landing on a roadway in New Smyra Beach, Florida earlier in the day.

"I just heard a bang."This street was used as a last minute runway. "Like a thud, a piece of metal so maybe the landing gear hit hard," Gary Birdeau explained

Firefighters say the pilot and his passenger started having engine trouble, so he decided to land on Pioneer Trail in New Smyrna Beach. 

"Plane is fine, it had a little smoke on scene, but no fire," said Lt Mike Green of the New Symrna Beach Fire Department.

Traffic was blocked off until the plane could be pushed to the side of the road.

"We noticed we couldn't get through," said Teri Aguzzi.  "There was a police man stopping us so we went all the way around in our subdivision and saw the helicopter."

Authorities said the small plane took off from Massey Ranch Airpark in Edgewater, which is approximately seven miles away.  It was headed to Palatka, Florida.

Birdeau said,, "There's always planes flying, but I'm pretty shocked to see that one on Pioneer Trail."

Luckily, no cars were hit.

"He must be an expert pilot too, in order to land on this road. You look at the power lines on the right and left, it could have turned into something really major or serious." 

The pilot and owner of the plane declined to comment but looked relieved it wasn't worse. The single-engine Cessna was disassembled in order to be taken away in the dark. The owner of a golf cart business near the scene of the landing  said he has a semi making a delivery in the morning and asked the crew to move the plane off his property. 

"I think it was wonderful nobody was hurt and I think the person did a great job landing on this road right outside this back gate and I'm glad everything's ok," Bob Aguzzi added. 

Authorities say, since no one was injured and there was no damage, the Federal Aviation Administration will not investigate.