Pasadena residents still picking up the pieces after tornado devastated neighborhood

A Pasadena woman has been living in her home with no roof, no water, and no power after the tornadoes ripped through her neighborhood.  

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Irene Vega is determined to stay at her Pasadena home on Tamar Drive, no matter what the condition. 

Currently, her roof is covered with a tarp, and water has been leaking from the ceiling into trash cans.  

"I'm collecting the water so I can mop the floors, flush my toilets, and stuff," Vega said. 

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Last week's tornadoes also ripped off the second floor of her home.

"This is no longer a 3-bedroom home, it’ll be a 2-bedroom home from now on. I'm just working to fix the roof," Vega said.  "I'm not leaving my home. You know, it’s all I worked for."

Vega has called this place home for the last 25 years. It’s where she raised her kids and her grandkids. 

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Vega says she was home last Tuesday standing in the hallway outside her bedroom when disaster struck.

"As soon as I closed this door, you can hear the breaking of the windows, the crackling of the house, the wind, everything," Vega said. "And so I just stepped over here, and I can already see the light from the stairs. I can see the water come in, the light comes in, I said ‘it just took my roof.’ I thought it was just the roof. I didn’t know it was going to be the whole top floor."

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In a matter of seconds, her life’s work was torn apart. The following day, her ceiling collapsed. 


With no insurance, Vega said she’ll have to pay out of pocket just to get a roof back over her head. She’s now racing against time to get enough of it fixed before more rain comes in this week.  

"It feels like only a day," Vega said. "You’re saying it’s already a week? To me, it’s just been a day."