Houston tornado: Pasadena neighborhood begins to recover following EF3 tornado

Cleanup efforts are underway in Pasadena after an EF3 tornado ripped through the area Tuesday afternoon leaving some people without a home. 

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Joanne Owens was home when a metal beam came crashing through the roof of her home off of Preston Street. 

"We went down into our interior hallway," said Owens. "The closet there, and then we hear this big bang, and I'm pretty sure that (the metal beam) was that coming into the roof." 

Next door, the Aguilar family was inside their home when a portion of their roof ripped off. They hunkered down in a room in the center of their home.

"My little one, he's always in his bed watching stuff, thankfully he wasn't in there. Nobody was in our main restroom," stated Isa Aguilar. "That completely fell. Open whole. Water just coming in."

It was a close call for the Rahim family, who had several kids and an infant inside their home at the time of the tornado. The wind and debris shattered windows inside the room the baby and mother were sitting in moments before it all happened. Bibi Rahim said those few moments were terrifying. 

"All we could just think of is just praying to God, because we literally thought, that's it. Our life is over."

Most people FOX 26 spoke with Wednesday said they are just thankful to be safe. 

Power was restored to some neighborhoods Wednesday evening. 

Deer Park and Pasadena ISD have canceled school for Thursday, January, 25, 2023.