Houston tornado: Pasadena man helps to rescue UPS driver as truck overturns during dangerous storm

A Pasadena man recalls the moment he helped to rescue a UPS worker whose delivery truck fell on its side as the storm passed through Tuesday. 

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Manuel Silva says he was doing deliveries for Door Dash when he passed the truck near Freemont and the Beltway. He's currently unemployed and was looking for ways to make extra income.

"Immediately, I just started kicking the window down," says Silva. "It was an adrenaline rush. It just took over."  

He and Luis O'Campo, another driver passing through the area, stopped to help the driver get out of the truck. O'Campo's wife caught the rescue on her cell phone camera. Both men tell Fox 26 the female UPS driver was shaken up during the incident. She suffered injuries to her wrist and is recovering at home. 

Silva says even though he could feel the storm getting stronger, it didn't stop him from doing whatever was necessary to get the woman to safety. 

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"I care about people. I'm a caregiver," says Silva. "Even when you're not working, as a caregiver, you always care about something. Something's embedded in you."