Partisan division over impeachment impacting Houston politics

The partisan division over impeachment that’s on full display in the nation’s capital is being closely reflected in the Houston area’s Congressional delegation.

The enormous gap between the combatants is well illustrated by the arguments of Democratic Rep. Al Green, an early and passionate advocate for impeachment and the equally spirited defense of President Trump’s actions delivered by Republican Congressman Brian Babin.

“His job as President is not to give our tax money to a country that is corrupt. and I think he was totally justified in asking the questions that he did,” said Babin.

“He is impeached because he was soliciting the aid of a foreign government, using public tax dollars to interfere in an election in this country,” said Green.

In congressional districts across the country, politicians are unleashing their powers of persuasion in a battle for public opinion.

“I think the Democrats have overreached in a very blatant manner and I think there will be a price to pay this November,” said Babin.

“This is unheard of, for a President to withhold evidence and then to have his next hearing to be based upon the lack of evidence that he himself created,” countered Green.

With acquittal of the President a near certainty given the Republican majority in the Senate, Democrats are hopeful American voters will serve as a “second jury” and render a different verdict on election day on November 3.

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