One dead, one wounded in NE Harris County ambush

Investigators aren’t using the word, but what happened near the 5700 block of Easthampton has all the ingredients of an ambush – a brutal assassination at point blank range.

“It’s kind of sad. A mother has to bury her child now for foolishness,” said Tamekia Thomas, a five-year resident of the neighborhood.

Witnesses heard multiple high-powered shots ring out shortIy after 11:00 a.m. By the time Harris County Deputies arrived, those responsible had fled.

“They found a Jeep Liberty vehicle with a male behind the wheel who appears to have been shot multiple times, with multiple windshield strikes,” said Lt. Robert Minchew of HCSO Homicide.

 A second victim in the passenger seat suffered a gun-shot wound to the head and was taken to Ben Taub Hospital. Both men were described as African-American and in their 20s.  Investigators have ruled out an exchange of gunfire. No weapons or contraband were recovered from the targeted vehicle.

“A large number of rounds were fired from a very close distance,” said Minchew.

For neighborhood residents like Thomas, the morning violence was both menacing and senseless.

“I’m going to speak my mind because this environment is not for kids no more, it’s not. It’s the summer and kids all out playing and now somebody is dead,” said Thomas.

Heavily armed HCSO deputies scoured the neighborhood in search of suspects throughout the afternoon. The names of the shooting victims have not yet been released.