North Georgia judge saves toddler floating in pool

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A 2-year old boy slipped out the back door of his Forsyth County home. Dozens of deputies and first responders scoured the area for him. A North Georgia judge spotted the child floating in a pool and jumped in to save the boy.

"I saw it laying on its back in the pool, it's arms stretched out," said Judge Phil Bettis.

Judge Bettis is emotional as he talks about seeing the tiny boy in the brown, murky water of the unused pool.  When Judge Bettis first saw the child, he didn't hesitate, he jumped right in and pulled the child to safety.

"I put it up to my chest and said 'I gotcha baby' and for a moment we just looked at each other, looked into each other's eyes, and I knew it was going to be okay," said Judge Bettis.

Bettis Grew up in the home with the pool on Campground Road.  The house is now vacant and under renovation.  When he heard deputies were searching for a missing 2-year old in the area, he thought the child might be on the property and rushed over.

"I heard the child cry the moment I drove up on the property," said Judge Bettis.

The little boy was checked out by EMS and is fine.  But when deputies investigated the child's home, they found deplorable conditions.  The boy's mother, Danielle Wright, was arrested on charges of Reckless Conduct and Cruelty to Children.  The 2-year old and another child in the home are now in the hands of DFACS.

The judge said it's a miracle he found the boy in time, and he's giving all the credit to God.

"God's the hero, He led me there in perfect time," said Judge Bettis.