New information regarding incident at Rodeo

 Thursday afternoon the carnival was packed full of folks enjoying the food, fun and games. A drastic difference from Wednesday nights crowd.

"It's spring break so we thought we'd come have some fun today", says Karen Teegarden who was enjoying the game area with her family and friends.

Ali Jabbari was attending the carnival with his daughter and says security was very thorough, "you have to take out your keys, your cell phones, check your bags, someone had a knife on them, they asked him to take it out".

Wednesday night crowds were seen running from the carnival and NRG Center. Houston police say 911 calls came in of potential shots fired near the north west corner of the fairgrounds. Guests were asked to leave certain areas, while police investigated.

Captain Dwanye Ready with the Houston Police Department says, "when we did our sweep with the ride operators to look for a possible firearm, that's when we found a 9mm casing".

However still no firearm has been found. Police arrested Raymond Colbert, 17, who was taken in for evading arrest. Police say they are still investigating what happened.

"This is something that is of great concern for us, we are working very closely with our security, our security is very fluid, it is adjusted on a daily basis”, says Joel Cowley, President & CEO of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.