Neighborhood under siege by speeding drivers

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For most of us we think of our homes as our safe haven from the outside world.

Rosa Garza says, "I see myself in danger everyday."

That's because Garza has had cars run into her house on Parker Road not once, or twice, but three times in the last six years. 

The most recent happened just Tuesday when a truck plowed into the front of her house.  She says luckily no one was injured.

"It's dangerous the way people drive around here especially with that curve," says Garza.

That's the problem. Those who live in the 200 block of Parker Road say when the city of Houston widened the street with an additional lane, people began speeding. 

90-year-old Jewell Robert's houses is also in the curve on Parker Road. She says three cars have also crashed into her house over the last six years.

The woman who has called the neighborhood home for decades says she and other neighbors are frustrated with the damage they're suffering as a result of the dangerous curve on Parker between I-45 and the Hardy Toll Road.

Hector Garza also lives on Parker.  He showed us several other places in the neighborhood where the 35 mile per hour speed limit is ignored and there have been even more crashes.

Garza and his neighbors say they would like to see the city slow traffic down on Parker in the curve.  He says that would require more resources allocated to their area.

The City's Public Works Department says they will investigate the street while Councilman Michael Kubosh says he will push to get something done.