NAACP tells voters to view councilman’s controversial Facebook before casting ballot

The incumbent up for re-election in Pearland’s City Council Position 7 is facing criticism for social media posts appearing to be pro-confederate, anti-muslim, and anti-gay.

Councilman Woody Owens told FOX 26 by phone he is a proud descendent of a confederate soldier, the same thing he allegedly posted on Facebook.

He said there’s no racism there, but those speaking out say they are very concerned.

“If a candidate shows you who they are, believe them the first time,” said Eugene Howard, Brazoria County NAACP President.

Howard told FOX 26 he is advising voters to take a look at Facebook posts allegedly made by Owens, who is up for re-election November 3.


One such post is a meme Owens shared that says, “Proud descendent of a Confederate soldier. Who else can claim this?” Owens’ caption read: “You know I can.”

Owens told FOX 26 by phone he fully stands behind that post.

“The Confederates fought to enslave people, period,” said Howard.

Another post, allegedly by Owens, is a photo of the Confederate flag that reads, “I challenge all my friends on Facebook to repost this to show that we will not back down from our heritage.”

“That history and heritage is not good for people that look like me and people of minority descent,” said Howard. “Hitler has a history and a legacy in Germany. We don’t see any monuments to the Nazis.”

The posts raised eyebrows for both of Owens’ political opponents, accountant Mashunda Ivery and computer product manager Jeff Hunkele.

“I was troubled by that,” said Ivery.

“I don’t post things of that nature,” said Hunkele. “I don’t want to put words into his mouth of why he posted or what he meant by it.... I am really for everyone of Pearland and not any group.”


Another post still public on Owens’ page says Pete Buttigieg should kiss his partner in private.

Ivery told FOX 26 the post “condemning gay relations,” as she put it, is not something she agrees with.

Ivery says she’s neighbors with Owens and has known him for a long time.

“He’s an awesome person,” said Ivery. “He did come to my defense when I was being attacked on Facebook. Just as far as I know, he just has some beliefs that I don’t agree with.”

FOX 26 is working on getting an on-camera interview with Owens about the social media posts which came up last time he ran for office in 2017 too, when he was making posts that included one that allegedly called for banning the Koran.