Murdered lotto winner's girlfriend wins $1-million scratch-off

The near-impossible just happened to a Lakeland woman. She will be going to Tallahassee to collect Florida lottery winnings for the second time.

Antoinette Andrews just won $1-million in a scratch-off game. She bought her ticket at a Circle K on State Road 98 North.

"She was just crying and screaming on the phone," her son Raheem Dumas told FOX 13. "I was like, are you sure that it's not $1,000 or $100,000?"

So Andrews sent her son a picture of the ticket.

"When she did, I called her back and started freaking out," he recalled.

The last time Andrews went to Tallahassee because of the lottery was back in 2006. She was with Abraham Shakespeare, who won $30 million. Andrews and Shakespeare had a child together.

The story of his winning -- and his ultimate death -- went viral. His body was found behind a home on State Road 60 in East Hillsborough County. Investigators were never able to completely trace where his money went. Dee Dee Moore was convicted of his murder and is now serving time behind bars.

Dumas says they had more than luck on their side.  They feel like God is giving them a second chance because Shakespeare's money essentially disappeared.

"We didn't get to get what we wanted and God blessed us in this day and age, that we can get whatever we want," Dumas continued.

He says his mom is thinking about buying him a new car, and buying the family a different house.