Multiple cars show what could happen after drinking and driving

Car after car sits on a property in Cypress owned by Mark and Terri Rodriguez. The couple lost their 22-year-old daughter seven years ago. Now they have founded "Kyrsta's Karing Angels" to show people just how bad these crashes can be and why you should never drink and drive.

"The devastating effects that it has on families, both sides of the families, it's heart breaking, it really is", says Mark Rodriguez.

The pair recalled what happened on February 11, 2010, when they got a knock on their door at 4:45 a.m.

"Mark was the captain of Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department Station 8 and it was his district chief and paramedic that came and knocked on our door", says Terri Rodriguez.

Terri Rodriguez says her daugher Krysta and her boyfriend Josh were heading to get food after a concert when they were hit by a drunk driver.

"He was driving without headlights, he was three times over the limit and so Josh went and proceeded to turn left into Whataburger and our daughter was hit, she was hit on the passenger side of the car and died instantly", says Terri Rodriguez.

Over the years the couple, along with other families who have lost their loved ones, speak out about what they went through. They say not to scare people, but to tell folks what could happen to them or others if they choose to get behind the wheel after drinking.

"People need to plan before they start drinking, once you have a couple drinks, it's too late", says Mark Rodriguez.