Multiple bodies found in Waller County

Saturday morning a student house party in the Prairie View area at Dooley and Bledsoe streets, turned deadly. Waller County Sheriff’s Office says the call of shots fired came in at about 1:45 Saturday morning. Sheriff Glenn Smith says, "there could be as many as 15 to 20 shell casings that are laying out there".

When authorities got to the scene they found out one victim was dead, two others were injured. Both were taken to Houston area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

"We are not sure right now whether we had one shooter or multiple shooters, were they shooting back and forth at each other but unfortunately right now we have one deceased young male appears to be in his low twenties", says Sheriff Smith.

Concerned about the two incidents involving college students, Mayor of Prairie View David Allen came out to Saturday mornings scene. "It's very concerning top know that these types of things are happening, affecting our students and our residents, it's not what we are use to here and it's a real problem", says Mayor Allen.

In the more rural area near Camp Kenwood the sheriff’s office investigated a second homicide case where a body had been found in the woods. That body was identified as Tristan Houston, 20, a student at Prairie View A & M University that had been missing since Wednesday.

The suspect, also a Prairie View student, Ayinde William, 19, was arrested and charged for his murder.

Mayor Allen says, "heart is going out to the family of him as well, it's so close in proximity, this has got to stop".

Ayinde William is currently being held on a $150,000 dollar bond at the Waller County Jail.