Mothers pull off high school graduation in nine days for Klein Cain High School students

"When they left for spring break, they didn't know that they wouldn't see their friends again," said parent Shelly Barreda.

Graduating during the year of the pandemic wasn't easy for high school seniors.

While they missed out on the usual senior year moments, three mothers came together to make sure the first class to ever graduate from Klein Cain High School would get to walk across the stage.

On July 16, Klein ISD canceled the scheduled August 2graduation at NRG Stadium due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

"The three of us just jumped in quickly into the deep end," said parent Heather Borland.
"Many three o'clock in the morning texts, emails, and phone calls between the three ladies," Barreda said. "We've been up for nine days now."

"I did it for my daughter and for the class of 2020, I wanted them to have the opportunity to walk across the stage, hear their names, and to have the opportunity to have this memory," said Jennifer Mauz.

This graduating class is a special one.

Most were born right after 9/11 and Hurricane Harvey blew into town just four days after their sophomore year began.

"Not having my last senior moment was a bummer and I was really sad, I just wanted to walk across the stage," said graduating senior Brooke Barreda.


"To be able to tell stories like that, that makes us unique. We're stronger than everybody else we are Klein Cain Hurricanes," Alyssa Mauz said.

So, was it worth the nine stress-filled days it took to make this happen?

"One million percent," said Jennifer Mauz. "I would do it all over again to see the joy not only on the children’s faces, but the parents."

"I love my High school," Mauz's daughter said through tears. "I'm going to miss it."