Mother shares touching post about daughter with Down syndrome

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An Illinois mother took to social media to share a touching photo on the two year anniversary of learning she was pregnant with her baby girl.

On April 3, 2014, Cristy Proctor found out she was pregnant with a girl. At 22 weeks, soon after the exciting news, her baby was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

“I spent much of my remaining pregnancy in worry, fear of the unknown and probably every of emotion you can think of,” Proctor said on Facebook. “It was a very sad time for me.”

Proctor gave birth to Isabella Grace six weeks early. Today, she’s the light of Proctor’s life.

The mother shared an image of Isabella’s sonogram in hopes of encouraging other parents who have just learned they are having a baby with Down syndrome.

“As hard as it may be to do, focus on your exciting news of simply having a baby! What a joyful celebration. It is a time for you to fall in love with a child you've not even met yet. It's a time to prepare a nursery and pick out names. It's a time to be cherished with your family. Everything else will come in time. Enjoy your pregnancy and welcome to the family!”



Once she shared the picture on Monday, someone commented and pointed out something that Proctor had never noticed before.

"To me it looks as if Izzy had an angel giving her a kiss on her temple," Pam Tennery commented. "What a beautiful little girl." 

Proctor said she could see it for sure. 

“Do you see what appears to be another face looking at Izzy? Maybe it was God's way of saying ‘I'm right here protecting her always.’ I've never noticed it until someone pointed it out tonight,” Proctor said. “Oh the comfort that would have given during that time.”

The Isabella “Amazing” Grace – My Down syndrome journey Facebook page was created to help encourage others and spread awareness about Down syndrome.

“Isabella is a warrior and God has a mighty plan for her life. We want to share that with you!”



Isabella recently underwent surgery. Her family says they are thankful for all the prayers.