Montgomery County dogs bound for Pennsylvania Mega Adoption Event

Around 200 dogs from Montgomery County are bound for Pennsylvania in search of a forever home.

According to County Judge Mark Keough, the dogs from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter are being transported up north to a mega adoption event this weekend.


Around 100 dogs are already on their way, thanks to volunteers who were at the shelter at 2 a.m. Thursday to get the truck loaded up, officials say. 

"With over 500 dogs in the shelter currently this huge event up north will allow us to reduce our numbers and find forever homes for these dogs," Judge Keough wrote on Facebook," Our generous partners have donated the funds to cover the cost of transportation and will be paying for a flight tomorrow for another 100 dogs to head up north."

The shelter says despite the dogs that are headed to the adoption event, the shelter is still overcrowded. You can see adoptable pets and learn more about adopting on their website. 

The Mega Adoption Event will be held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center & Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday.