Moms finding their 'Tribe' locally

Finding a ‘mom tribe’ is an essential part of raising your child according to parenting experts, and there is a local effort to help moms find their own!

Maria Stavinoha is a first-time mom trying to find the best way to the best mom. You realize it’s OK to ask for help.

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"Just having a sounding board with other moms around, testing ideas, just kind of empathizing with different stages of development, it has been super helpful to have that community and that support. My mom and aunts live in Chicago, so it’s nice to have that Houston support," said Stavinoha.

She’s part of a mom’s group or tribe. It’s a group of women who you may have never known before children, but now they're joining forces to navigate the world of motherhood.

It’s why Gabriela Gerhart, founder of the Motherhood Center, created The New Mom School.

"There’s just so much information out there, and it is kind of hard to sift through it, so being able to really ask the nonmedical questions. But just kind of the burning questions every mom has and being able to get information and input, not only from the experts, but other moms. We just felt like it is going to be very important to create that," said Gerhart. "Moms are having not only the comradery of other new moms which they can kind of learn from each other, but being able to learn from the experts as well."

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To find out more about the Motherhood Center and school, click here

Other ways to find your mom tribe:
-birthday parties
-mommy and me classes
-social media groups