Mocked on SNL, Candidate Crenshaw speaks out for disabled vets

Seems adversity has been Dan Crenshaw's near constant companion - combat alongside fellow U.S. Navy SEALS, the head-wound which claimed an eye and an underdog congressional campaign against better known, better funded competitors.

Crenshaw met and overcame each challenge, only to find his disability on the wrong end of comedian Pete Davidson's attempt at "Saturday Night Live" humor.

"What it did say was offensive because there are a lot more people than me to consider. There are a lot of veterans who have been wounded by war. There are a lot of veterans who have been disfigured and are now disabled and they don't really appreciate being the butt of a joke, especially a bad joke," said Crenshaw.

Locked in a battle to represent Texas' 2nd Congressional District, Crenshaw says he's not looking for an apology from the perpetrator or the network that employs him.

He's hoping instead that this low point serve as a lesson for those willing to pause and consider the coarsening of America's discourse.

"Let's be better about our politics and not feed into that frenzy. Let's be part of the solution," said Crenshaw.

Among the citizenry, the lampooning of Crenshaw's life-altering injury has triggered outrage from some, ambivalence from others.

"Right now with the political environment, you can say anything and somebody is going to get offended. If you are a politician, it’s part of the territory," said voter Oscar Ortiz. 

"The whole think is ridiculous. They should have made fun of something else, but not someone's disability, bottom-line," said voter Michael Ciancola.

Crenshaw's opponent Democrat Todd Litton made his position clear in a Tweet.

"No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, Dan’s military service and sacrifice for our country are to be admired and appreciated. Period." said Litton.