Missing woman's car found at Houston gas station

Houston police are looking for a woman who has not been seen in a week.

Brittany Burfield, 37, of Houston was last seen Monday, June 25, around noon when she stopped by her mom’s house in Sugar Land, said her mother Tricia Valentine.

Tricia has spent the past week frantically looking for her daughter, hanging 200 flyers throughout town.

“We started canvassing neighborhoods,” said Tricia, tearing up. “Every minute that went by I got more concerned.”

Tricia says Brittany had plans to meet a friend Wednesday, but never showed up.

When Tricia tried to call, there was no answer. When she texted her daughter, she says she got strange responses.

“There were just phrases that Brittany wouldn’t use,” said Tricia. “Like, ‘Mom, you know my get-up time is 11.’ Number one, it’s not true, and number two, she would not say that.”

Tricia called police after visiting her daughter’s apartment and finding it unlocked. It appeared someone had gone through it.

“I was pretty stunned,” said Tricia. “Drawers were pulled out. Things were on the floor.... Her purse was empty, but it was there.”

Tricia says Saturday she found her daughter’s car at a gas station at the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Beltway 8, about 25 minutes away from Brittany’s home. Tricia says it had significant damage from a crash, and three men appeared to be dealing drugs out of it. She called police while she watched the car.

“There were three men...go in and out of the car; in and out of the car,” said Tricia. “Get something. Go to another car. Take money.... it was obvious what was going on.”

She says her daughter is not involved with drugs. She and Brittany co-own a medical ancillary business.

Police filed a missing person report Sunday, and Texas Equusearch has also put out an alert about Brittany Burfield’s disappearance.

She is described as 5’6, 115 pounds with green eyes and brown hair. Anyone with information is asked to call Houston Police Department Missing Persons Unit at 832-394-1840.