Mike Bloomberg qualifies for Vegas debate after getting 19% national support in recent poll

2020 Democratic candidates are prepping for the ninth presidential debate tomorrow in Las Vegas. People will get a chance to see a new face on the stage: Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

The billionaire businessman qualified for the debate Tuesday morning after a Marist/NPR/PBS NewsHour poll showed him with 19% support nationally in the Democratic-nominating contest.

“The decision the Mayor made to start late and only compete on Super Tuesday where 40% of the delegates are being chosen is clearly showing to have been a good and reasonable one,” said Doug Schoen, Bloomberg 2020 pollster.
Bloomberg has dropped more than $124 million on ads in Super Tuesday states—including Texas.

Last week, he visited Houston where he launched “Mike for Black America” a national movement to engage Black Americans. But, he still faces criticism most notably for implementing stop and frisk.

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“I should’ve acted sooner, and I should’ve stopped it, and I didn’t, and I apologize for that,” said Bloomberg during a campaign event in Richmond, VA on Saturday.

 His Democratic opponents are now ramping up their attacks against him. Sanders has been one of the most vocal.
“We’re going to win this election not because we are buying the airwaves as Mr. Bloomberg is. We’re going to win this election because we are putting together the strongest grassroots movement that this country has ever seen,” said Sanders at a rally in Reno this afternoon.

Though Bloomberg will be on the debate stage, the first time that voters will get a chance to see his name on the ballot is on Super Tuesday next month—when Texans head to the polls.

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