Melee breaks out at area high school after basketball game

"As soon as we tried to get out the door, it was like charging, then it all broke out," said Lauren Sauers.

Parents we talked to say they feared this was going to happen. They say they even tried to prevent it from happening.

"I told the ISD cop that something's going to happen," said Andrew Sauers. "Please walk us down and make sure nothing gets out of control."

The Tomball ISD cop apparently ignored the request and then melee broke out.

During the game, parents and players say Tomball High students were yelling obscenities and making obscene gestures.

"This is my third year playing. I've been to games where they've been rude to us," said Caney Creek High School player Tyler Navarro. "I've never seen rudeness like this before."

"The administration should have stepped in during the game and told them to calm down and they should have been escorted out along with everybody else at the same time," Sauers said.

When the melee broke out, Lauren Sauers says she got slapped in the face.

"Looking at the video, you can see me falling. I swing my purse to defend myself. Some kids who hit us went out the door," she said.

Those we interviewed say school officials did not intervene.

"If it continues it's going to get worse and somebody is going to get hurt even worse," Andrew Sauers said.

Tomball ISD sent us a prepared statement after our story aired.

In part it states, "There was a heated exchange between fans and opposing players. Campus administration and our school resource officer quickly intervened. Fans and players left the premises without further incident. Based on our investigation and camera footage Tomball ISD students were not instigators or agitators in this situation."