Mayor Turner: ''Tis the season to stay home and avoid large crowds'

Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted on Friday, "stay away from house parties and avoid large crowds.

"Our numbers are continuing to climb helping us stop the spread and effectively manage the virus until most of us get the vaccine. Too close to get sick."


Houstonians we talked to agree with the Mayor.

"I live with my family so we're just doing close family interaction keeping the bigger stuff out of it," said Karen Hernandez.

"A lot of people disregard the whole mask policy or people walking around with a mask just under their nose," said Kathryn Kanvavedias. "Checkout lines people completely ignore the 6-foot policy."

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"Safety is top of mind for me and my family," said Alexander Ansari. "I have a newborn baby so definitely don't want to be out traveling or be at the airport. I don’t want to be in mixed crowds with family or friends just trying to be extra careful because of the pandemic."

According to a health department tweet the city reported 805 cases of COVID-19 on Friday bringing Houston’s total to 108,589.

There are 12 newly reported deaths bringing the city’s total to 1,509.

"There’s a reason why the numbers keep going up people aren’t listening and paying attention and caring," Hernandez said.