Mattress Mack curses out Phillies fan heckling him, addresses situation

Jim McIngvale, also known as "Mattress Mack", is now responding to a now-viral video of him cursing out hecklers while leaving Game 3 of the World Series in Philadelphia.

Mattress Mack, the owner of the furniture chain store Gallery Furniture, has always shared how proud he is to be an Astros fan. Mack even has the chance of winning $75 million if the team brings home the gold rings to Houston.

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However, many were shocked when a TikTok video went viral showing the Houston icon visibly upset and cursing out Phillies fans after the game. Mack can be heard on the video repeatedly yelling "F*** you, F*** you" to fans after Game 3.

You can watch the video below. WARNING: This video contains explicit language.

Mack says the viral incident took place while he was leaving the Citizens Bank Ballpark.

"Some drunk guy says, "Hey, why don’t you have all of the Astros pull of their jerseys and show the buzzers they got on them," Mack recalled.  "Then, [the heckler] says, "Altuve will never make the Hall of Fame because he’s the biggest cheater ever". That’s when I lost my composure and had to say a few words to him."

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"I was told by several people, this is some of the worst fans ever, and I underestimated just how bad they are," Mack explains. "We’ll live through it and we’ll win tonight. Hopefully, that will calm them down."

In an exclusive interview in downtown Philadelphia on Wednesday, Mack told FOX 26’s Matthew Seedorff he has no regrets about how he handled the Philly hecklers.

"Philly is okay," said Mack. "Most of the fans are nice, quite a few are belligerent, however. When they start chanting Astros suck, or when Yankee fans chant Astros suck, or even Astros fans chanting the other team sucks, that’s not necessary. It’s just a baseball game.  We’ll live to play another day."

Mattress Mack is known well for how much he gives back to the city of Houston. He opened up showrooms in his furniture stores for Hurricane Harvey flood victims back in 2017 and those needing shelter from the winter storm in 2021.

"When they talk bad about my boys I go crazy," said Mack. "That’s just the way it is. I’m a Houston Astros fan.  I’m a Houston guy.  To say they beat us and brought that in, that’s fine.  To talk about our guys’ character that draws the line."

He is known for his generosity in Houston and even brought his kindness to Philadelphia, where he gave first responders and veterans from the city 200 free mattresses.

Mack says he has no regrets about how he handled himself after the game. "I’m standing up for my boys."

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He even has a message for the Phillies fans who were involved in the confrontation.

"Don’t be drunk at baseball games and make a** out of yourself," said Mack.

Houston Astros will play Game 4 of the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday after a devastating shutout in Game 3. The Phillies now lead the series 2-1 against the Astros.