Many taxpayers say second stimulus going to the wrong account

The second round of stimulus payments is resulting in a second round of confusion. 

Many viewers tell us the IRS's "Get My Payment" tool says their check is going to wrong bank account number, or is being sent by mail, when their first stimulus payment was successfully direct deposited. 

Many people have started seeing the black ink of the $600 stimulus payment direct deposited into their bank accounts already.

But others say they're seeing red. They're worried they either won't get their stimulus checks or that it will take months, when they desperately need the money now.

After checking their stimulus check status on the IRS's Get My Payment tool, viewers are sounding off on social media.

Where is my stimulus check? IRS tool shows status of second payment

The Internal Revenue Service has launched an online tool to help you check the status of your second stimulus payment.

Amy writes, "Somehow they have listed the correct bank account for the first check but the wrong account for this check."

And Ashley says, "It’s going to the wrong account and it was supposed to be deposited today!"

Tax preparation firm H&R Block issued an explanation for their customers. The company says for customers who took Refund Transfers, the IRS is sending stimulus payments to those temporary accounts.  

H&R Block writes on Twitter, "We immediately deposited millions of stimulus payments to customers’ bank accounts and onto our Emerald Prepaid Mastercard® yesterday, and all direct deposits are being processed."

Other taxpayers say the app is giving them a message that says that while their first stimulus check was direct deposited, the second will be mailed. 

When to expect your stimulus check

The U.S. Treasury Department says the second round of stimulus checks started being direct deposited into some bank accounts last night and paper checks started being mailed out today.

We asked the IRS, why the change? We didn't get an answer.  

An earlier IRS statement said some people would receive payments in a different form than before based on their current information on file. That means taxpayers could get a paper check or MetaBank debit card even if their first stimulus check was direct deposited, or vice versa.  

Here are steps to take to track down your stimulus payment:

To check the status of your check, go to the "Get My Payment" tool on or the app. 

If you see an account number you don't recognize, ask your tax preparer if they have your check. 

The IRS says it is too late to update your bank account information with them this time. 

If you do not receive the first or second stimulus check, or the full amount expected, you can claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2020 tax return.